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1 definition by DaMarley

Georgia State University is a 4-year university located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a school in the hood for the hood.

Georgia State is known primarily as a commuter school for postbacc students to come back to school. However, the school is quickly becoming a playground for college students.

Since the early 90s the school has faced pressure from competitor schools such as Georgia Southern, North Georgia, West Georgia and Kennesaw State. All of which have passed GSU in average SAT/GPA scores of entering freshman.

Georgia State's student population consists mostly of pothead hipsters, rachet people who transfer in from local HBCUs and community college, wannabe rappers, fobby Koreans/Indians, slackers and deadbeats from high school who do nothing but play video games and watch anime and rednecks from south Georgia(they are attracted to GSU due to the lack of attractive females and the nearby anime convention spots).

The campus is very dangerous and dirty. In 2012, a GSU student and soccer player, Ayokunle Lumpkin, was shot dead in Atlanta. The campus is shared by patrons of Grady Memorial Hospital, Underground Atlanta and the homeless people of the city of Atlanta. GSU has the biggest campus police department in Georgia.

in 2010, the school started a brand new football program. The Panthers went 6-5 in 2010, 3-8 in 2011 and 1-10 in 2012.

GSU was ranked as the fastest growing sugar baby college in the nation in 2012.
Jamal: "Hey man! Where are you going to go for college?
High school deadbeat: "mann..the application for other colleges were too long. Oh look Georgia state I guess I'm going to Georgia State. Hell yeah! I'ma wake and bake every day!"
by DaMarley February 22, 2013