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Beyond the ordinary reaches of 'pengness.'
Used to describe a person of either gender, who is typically out of everybody's league verging on unattainable.
Positive modifier of 'peng.'
Boy/Girl: Wish I could get on that, he/she is looking BARE peng tonight, wouldn't you agree?
by DaMantis June 19, 2011
An ironic term to describe a female of young adult age and above engaging in classless/possibly immoral frolics around town/in clubs and bars/in view of a disappointed/disapproving general public.
Youth A: Couldn't believe what I saw whils out with the lads last night!

Youth B: Go on then.

Youth A: You wouldn't normally see a girl like her would totally lose control of herself when she has had one too many.

Youth C: Yeah, typical classy bird. laughter
by DaMantis August 08, 2012

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