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the puss and crusty remains of assne located near the out hole mixed with diarrhea. Generally leaves a stinging sensation and sometimes is used to cure scabbies.
"dude last night I totally danmad after I had a huge batch of egg roles. It kinda stung, but luckily I kept some to help cure my girfriends scabbies!"
by DaJizzle October 05, 2005
(Guys) when you think you've cum and you realize that the liquidy substance is actually the vomit of the girl giving head oozing all over your cock. Getting boot-cocked refers to the next day when you are in the shower and realize that the crusty shit on your cock isn't mung but the leftovers of the vomit!
Boot-cocking is Like a CHEESY Gordidda!
by DaJizzle October 05, 2005
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