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1. The Smoking Stage
2. The Eating Stage
3. The Everything is alive Stage
4. The Sleeping Stage
Guy 1: Those 4 stages of being high are soo true, i didnt believe it when you first told me before we lit up!
Guy 2: I knew you realized it when you started screaming at the refridgerater!
by DaFuzz March 13, 2005
most of the time its a BMX bike with the crappiest spray paint job, usually one color (flat black or bright white). Not to be a racist but they are usually if not always ridden by a teenage black or latino kid
Guy 1: Man! I just got my bike jacked!
Guy 2: Thats funny, cuz i just saw sum black kid riding your bike with a shitty black paint job!
by DaFuzz April 22, 2005

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