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1) To vote mindlessly, without thinking thru the issues

2) To vote habitually, either for a Party or for a Candidate, for no particular reason other than you've done this all your life, and so did your Father, and your Grandfather, and your Great Grandfather, and &tc.

3) To vote for a candidate just because they are black/white/female/male/hispanic/Maori/gay/straight &tc and for no other, better reason

4) To spoil your ballot

5) To forget to vote, or to be a conscientious objector to voting
1) I can't *believe America Zombie-voted for Obama. His policies were obvious, they all sounded good, but nobody took the time to think them thru to their obvious conclusion. Duhhhh!

2) I'm going to Zombie-vote Labour Party. I'm Loyal -- always have been. Our family have always voted Labour.

3) It's time to have a female US President. Even Palin could get in by Zombie-vote, if she'd run.

4) Dunno who to vote for: I'll Zombie-vote Reagan by spoiling my ballot.

5) Everybody running for office is crap. I'll Zombie-vote this time and cast my ballot down at the Pub.
#laziness #habit #politically correct #protest #conscientious objection #sloth
by DaChieftain October 18, 2011
1. (n, adj.) Any large, Socialist, tax-and-spend Gummint.

2. (n, adj.) A contraction of "Big Gummint"
1. Obama's Bummint has increased the US National Debt beyond the levels of all Presidents in US history, combined. It's an Obamanation.

2. Bummint Spending can only be sustained by excess taxes and wealth transfers, from the productive to the unproductive.
#gummint #government #big government #goverment #gooberment
by DaChieftain July 09, 2011
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