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The fist link between DK and SEMi. Best friend to RICHELO and STEPHII. Very SLO.
"AAAAAAAH HA HA HAHA HA" - Sharii after hearing any and everything.
by Da Reapaa March 09, 2003
A SLO little FOB boy from Michigan who is worshipped by STEPHII. See SEMi.
Richelo is Richelo. You know him when you see him.
by Da Reapaa March 09, 2003
A group of insane and twisted friends that do strange things. See STEPHII who knows RICHELO who is in SEMi who are both SLO and FOB.
Da Reapaa is from DK.
by Da Reapaa March 09, 2003
SLO is the term used for someone so SLOW they couldn't get to the W. See FOB.
"Hey Richelo, your mom!"
"Aw man, Richelo, you're so SLO!"
by Da Reapaa March 09, 2003

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