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Either a straight male or lesbian. Generally only used to describe lesbians
Shelley, my boyfriends best friend is a real hunk and currently single, I could introduce you. Thanks but no thanks I've become a Vagetarian.
by Da Real JZ January 01, 2009
Sperm, particularly in a womans mouth
"Bosh bosh, give her both lumps, she was brushing with cupid's toothpaste this morning."
by Da Real JZ January 03, 2009
Cor look at those two slappers, they're a guaranteed 2 line rule, you got the panty grease?
by Da Real JZ February 12, 2009
A particularly hefty ejaculation
"did she put out", "too right she was proper nasty, gave her both lumps, bosh bosh, left her with a face like a plasterer's radio"
by Da Real JZ January 04, 2009
A womans mouth proceeding a bukkake party
"Shoulda seen her drip tray, more slops than the Nags Head."
by Da Real JZ January 03, 2009
First spliff/joint/Marijuana cigarette of the day. A double meaning - As grafter refering to the fact that to a heavy marijuana smoker, the first joint of the day is the only one that really works. As well as meaning after smoking the afformentioned first joint, between the smoker and the joint, the joint is the only thing thats going to work!
Man A "Come on Dave you lazy sod come and give us a hand". Dave "I cant the grafter got the better of me".
by Da Real JZ March 10, 2009
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