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A Fucked up virtual world. With pedafiles surrounding you. Some people get so addicted to it they pay for fake furni and credits/coins. ive seen my friend on it hes spent 15$ on it just to have credits and have new clothes. The hobbas are fuckers they ban 4 nothing and u then lose everything. Trust me habbo hotel is a fucked up thing that should of never been fuckin made.
Peda File: Wots ur name?
Kid: My mummy told me not to give info to strangers :(
Peda File: I'll Give U Furni.
Kid: :O My Name Is James Barnes
Peda File: Where U Live?
Kid: Mummy told me not to say dat either. :(
Peda File: I'll Give U Credz.
Kid: :O I Go to .....
News: Child James Barnes has been killed. They say he was playing Habbo Hotel. He was found outside his house stabbed. Also he had lots of furni and credz/coins!!!!!!
by Da Miker May 31, 2005
A person who fucks. It is also the best word to end an argument to top it off.
Mum: Why dont u go and wank ur gf
Me: I already have im getting tired.
by Da Miker June 01, 2005
Someone who wants to go to heaven/hell quicker. As youve seen people blowing eachother up in Iraq. Suicide bombers are stupid they cant even kill themselves properly. They have to kill others around them by blowing them up from thir fumes and fire. them Iraqui bombers couldnt bomb themselves up if it depended on their lives. Its exactly like saying to God you cant fire me I quit.
Suicidal Bomber 1: Where'd that bomb go?
Suicidal Bomber 2: Its on your head Sir.
Suicidal Bomber 1: Good. Have you got on yours?
Suicidal Bomber 2: Yup :)
Suicidal Bomber 1: It will blow up in 30 mins.

5 Mins Later......


News: Iraq was blown up yesterday by two pathetic stupid suicidal bombers which were found dead with bombs on their heads.
by Da Miker May 31, 2005

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