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A dopey suburban white guy who tries to act black, to great comic effect for everyone else.

One who should be discriminated against when trying to gain entry to clubs, restaurants, etc., rather than actual African-Americans.
Who let all these ridiculous wiggers in here? Oh well, at least they're good for a laugh.
by Da Hawk April 04, 2006
A button-front collared shirt for men typically with bold strips of varying width, or other non-subtle pattern; currently very popular on makeover shows like 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' and 'What Not to Wear.'
I wonder how long after the cameras leave that that truck driver is going to keep wearing that dandyshirt they put on him.
by Da Hawk June 03, 2005
The hardwood floor of a basketball court.
That foul left him crumpled on the deck.
by Da Hawk February 17, 2005
Basketball (the ball, not the game)
Yo dog, gimme the pill!
by Da Hawk January 15, 2004
Highly cool, in a macho kind of way; manly.
You got Fifi in the sack?! You're industrial, dude!
by Da Hawk September 07, 2004
big ol titty's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you have big el ninos
by da hawk February 14, 2005
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