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When a fat person is so fat that he get blurry on photos.
Person 1: Dude! Is that George on this photo?
Person 2: Yeah! It's hard to see because he got Blurryfat last year.
by Da Dossermaster May 26, 2010
An elderly person with a gigantic chin!

You often see them on the streets in small towns. Where they are placed by the goverment after being mutilated. They mutate. The reason for this mutation is that every old person is dipped in radioactive toxic waste (So that they die quickly D:), and as I wrote earlier they are placed in small towns and villages. Here they create support groups (Also called Nursing homes), where they talk about their huge chins.

(Wow, a Nazi-style goverment!)
Little boy: Mom, Why does Grandpa have such a large chin?

Mother: Well, when a person get's older then we don't want them here. They get annoying and tells the same stories again and again. So we "help" them on their way down towards the little red place. There they can all live in peace. When you get older I will tell you the whole story... Or maybe Grandpa kan tell you, if he lives long enough.
We give them a "Happy" face, which we also call being a Chin-Senior. But go to sleep now.
Good Night,.
by Da Dossermaster May 17, 2010
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