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Lighter Nazi- When at a party, a lighter nazi is someone who is carrying an unlit cigarette or joint feverishly searching for a lighter and will acquire one at any means necessary except for actually paying for one. The typical strategies of a lighter nazi are...1. Asking someone for a lighter (typically someone too stoned or drunk to pay attention) and then casually slipping it in their own pocket right in front of their face. The lighter nazi will then either attempt to flee the scene or change the subject in order to blatantly use that persons lighter right in front of their face to mindfuck them. 2. Scouring the venue high and low in order to find a lost or forgotten lighter with just enough fluid to use. 3. Stealthily grabbing an owned lighter off of someones lap, hand, or back pocket and slipping it into their own pocket.

If confronted about lighter theft, the lighter nazi will either attempt to...1. Steer the conversation in a different direction. 2. Blatantly tell them that yes, they indeed stole the lighter, and no they will not get it back. 3. Sheepishly return the lighter, and play it off as if everything is cool (punches, vigorous namecalling, and manbitching will ensue).

A lighter nazi is also referred to as "Tommy Hitlighter" ala Adolf Hitler.
"That bitch tommy is alway trying to nazi my lighter."

"I do not mean to be a lighter nazi, sometimes im just too fucked up to realize what im doing."
by Da Cali G Show March 20, 2010
There are several methods of Vector Trolling:

1. VVV: stands for "Vector Vector Vector" which is what the caller will say to the receptionist upon either immediate answer, or through pretending to be interested. Sometimes the caller will pretend to be interested and everytime they need to say "vector" will say it three times as if nothing is wrong, the other approach is to cut the receptionist off in speaking and shout "VECTOR VECTOR VECTOR" and hang up

2.Phony Interview: This is for bolder callers, it is simply setting up a phony interview with the vector manager for a made up person. The made up person is given life, a name, locale so as to seem as real as possible

3.InterVector: The boldest move of all, this is the act of setting up a legitimate interview and actually going to the interview. When the potential employee shakes the managers hand he will sit down across from him and proceed to say "Vector Vector Vector" and only that. Regardless of what the manager says, the only world he shall utter will be vector...even until he is thrown out.
"Hello, this is Vector"

"uhhh....Vector Vector Vector"


Vector Trolling
by Da Cali G Show June 15, 2010

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