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A woman so ugly that fucking her is only possibly with the use of two bags: One over her head, and a second bag over your own head in case her bag falls off
That ugly bitch is a double bagger.


Kelvin's mom is a double bagger.
by Da Jello Pimp April 01, 2003
A skinny nerd that drives a cheap Civic and macks on tons of chicks but never succeeds.
Damn, Big Papa can never get any pusy.
by Da Jello Pimp April 01, 2003
An alcoholic drunk commonly abused by college students. Also the only good thing ot ever come from Mexico.
I took 10 tequila shots in fifteen minutes and then passed out on the floor.
Jose Cuervo is the best tequila.
by Da Jello Pimp April 01, 2003

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