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To not pull off a retarded impersonation.


To look retarded trying to 'look retarded'
Dude 1: Hey, did you see that guy's retarded impersonation? I totally was not impressed.....

Dude 2: Yeah.. he was going full retard..

Dude 1: ......Simple Jack status...
by D_4_Less August 18, 2009
The newest language to hit the nation. consisting of only 7 different words:






Del Taco

Del Scorcho
A conversation between two people speaking friend language.

Person 1: Friend friend friend, friend friend?

Person 2: No friend, friend friend friend....ENEMY!

Person 1:............Friend? ): Del Taco?

Person 2:......YES! friend friend friend kill drake!
by D_4_Less August 18, 2009
A person that reeks of pot. One who smells like he lives in a pile of weed.
"Dude! do you smell that?"

"Yeah bro, it was the black stink bug that just passed by"
by D_4_Less September 07, 2009

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