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1 definition by DYLANNNNNNNNNNNN

The most cocky snobs you will ever know. They think they are the best team in the MLB. They are jealous of the fact that the Yankees have more money than them. The Red Sox won 7 world series in 105 years. It took them 86 years to finally win another world series since 1918. Any Red Sox fans do not have any right to talk about the Yankees, because the Sox are statistically and factually not better than the NYY.
Friend 1: The yankees suck, the red sox are gonna cream them again this year.

Friend 2: Hm, I wonder who won 26 world series and is worth over a billion?

Friend 1: So what, we have Beckett and Ortiz.

Friend 2: Impressive, you have a good pitcher and a gorilla who can't speak english. But our whole team is beast.

Friend 1: Yeah, but we have Beckett and Ortiz.

Friend 2: Is that your only argument?
by dylannnnnnnnnnnn April 20, 2008
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