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Dwelling place of small red foxes
by DT October 14, 2003
A single loud and disturbing report from the anus; a loud wet fart resulting in skid-marks on your shorts. (From Hustler magazine cartoon).
GLLORrrrPppp! Hey, you better check your shorts...
by DT December 21, 2004
see hun
by DT October 15, 2003
tormentor of players, ubstoppable
by DT October 09, 2003
Typically a resident of continental Western Europe. Characteristics are smugness, arrogance, and cowardice. Given to excessive envy and whining about the U.S.A. while forgetting their own sordid history. See ingratitude and hypocrisy
Bwaaahahahaha! Look at asshat nancy-boy Euro-weenies! What a bunch of fags!
by DT December 21, 2004
Eurochick doing animal porn. Commonly found in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Eastern European countries. Known by their bestial stench and track-marks. Extremely common.
"Hey Euroskank, you're supposed to pull the horse's reins, not its cock"! "Doesn't that stupid cunt know that's not how to get puppies"? German girl to pony: "Ooooh, Liebschen"!
by DT December 21, 2004
pretty asian boy.
D$ you're such a pab
by dt May 21, 2004

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