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Expression used to keep a bitch in line, or at least on a short leash. It is quite effective in asserting one's supreme authority, essentially conveying to the recipient of such a disparaging remark, to pipe down. But the true punch comes with the name calling, for there is nothing more denigrating than to be referred to as a cut of fecal matter. Indeed, the "turd", upon being devastated with such a blunt, scathing put-down, will have no other choice but to "shut it".

There is no other expression that is as insulting and psychologically damaging as this one. Perhaps a close second is "Bitch, please!" if delivered properly.

**Note: The expression, when used by a female on a male, packs the most punch.
To-be-victimized-turd: "Did you guys catch the latest episode of NOVA?"
Turd's master: "Shut it, turd!"

To-be-victimized-turd: "Gee whiz guys, why do you keep insulting me?"
Turd's master: "Shut it, turd!"

The CEO of the multi-billion dollar firm called his bitches into his office for a scolding. When one of the bitches interjected, the big cheese replied "shut it, turd!"

"You know, if I may..."
"You may not..now shut it, turd!"
by DSH31 July 05, 2006
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