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one of them crazy white kids with shaggy hair that looks nasty as hell and curls at the ends
"that white boy is a shagster killin dat nasty hair"
by DQ August 23, 2004
An astronaut of Russia(or the former Soviet Union) is called a "cosmonaut". The word was derived from "kosmos"(universe) and "nautes"(sailor/navigator).
American space travelers are astronauts; Russian space travelers are cosmonauts; Chinese space travelers are taikonauts.
by DQ October 22, 2003
A rave (a london ting)
Blud are u reachin dat shubbs on saturday nite
by DQ October 31, 2004
something thats over the top, or sumting thats built or bigged up that flops or is destined to flop
i.e annoncement of a upcoming rave or event: "bear hypement runnin cos of dat"
by DQ October 31, 2004

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