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When you don't show up for work, but do not call in sick or take a vacation day.

The goal is for no one to notice or question you, thus resulting in a free day off.

WARNING: May result in termination from job if caught.
- Hey man shouldn't you be at work right now?

- No I didn't feel like going, but I don't have any vacation time, so I'm just office spacing
by DMacklin June 15, 2009
1) When a person acts as though they are more important or better than everyone else in a public place.

2) Doing something which makes you the center of attention to all those around you.

Often involves wearing sunglasses indoors or at night.
- Dude, Daniel was totally rock starring last night!

- I know man, I can't believe they let him get up on the bar and take body shots out of the waitress' chest!
by DMacklin June 22, 2009

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