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3 definitions by DMNY

(1) Sexier than sex itself.
(2) Sexuality that is simulated, airbrushed, packaged and commoditized.
"At the heart of pornography is sexuality haunted by its own disappearance.” Jean Baudrillard
by DMNY July 07, 2006
469 181
In popular American culture of early 21st century, a sexually appealing older woman who is an object of infantile hyper Oedipal motherfucking fantasies.

My girlfriend's mom is such a MILF! Mmmmm, ménage à trois... !
by DMNY July 08, 2006
271 142
(1) An idealist robbed by the experience of the realities of life.
(2) A person who has adopted a functional attitude that allows for survival in the postmodern world of late capitalism.
Those who are not idealists when they are young have no heart. Those who are not cynics when they are old are utter fools.
by DMNY July 07, 2006
179 75