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The person you are boo lovin with i.e. your girlfriend/boyfriend or significant other.
"I saw Sean boo lovin with Samantha"

"What, You lie. You know Sean's boo lover is Mary"
by DMitch November 01, 2007
Punching someone in the anus.
I was in the middle of this awesome threesome when my buddy got a little too close to me so I ended up giving him a spider punch.
by DMITCH November 02, 2007
When your cumshot hits your own face.
I was fucking this girl and when she pulled out my dick to finish me off she aimed it the wrong way and gave me a blowback.
by DMITCH November 02, 2007
A masturbation technique where your index finger points out and your thumb sticks up while you jerk off.
I tested out the pistol grip while I was jerking off and I shot my load 6 times. I now have an awesome six-shooter.
by DMITCH November 02, 2007

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