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2 definitions by DKtionary

verb, -ing -ed
1- hoarding some shit, whether it be information, or material goods.
2- one who refrains from giving or granting
3- A person that is holding out on something, when the withholder has immediate access to the objectof contention.
4- one who gathers or accumulates a hoard of shit
5- a pack rat
My fucking gook-ass green grocer is shithoarding the goddamn lettuce!

I know he's got weed, he's just a fucking shithoarder.

That guy had shit wall to wall in his house, he was a real shithorder.
by DKtionary January 19, 2007
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1- a quote from "Borat" the movie for why he wishes to not keep two hands on the stearing wheel whilst driving
instructor- " keep two hands on the wheel at all times. "
Borat- " what, like gypsy eat my crumm? "
by DKtionary January 19, 2007
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