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Noun, Verb

Hipsterectorize, Hipsterectorate, Hipsterectify

The removal or dismissal of what is largely accepted to be cool or trendy. The process of de-hipsterizing someone or something.
Ex. Carlton just wants to stay home with his wife and play parcheesi, did he get a hipsterectomy or something?

Ex. That guy’s a real d-bag supreme, he needs a hipsterectomy.
by DK Lounge June 19, 2009
noun, verb, adjective
Something that is over-complicated. Something becomes complex as a result of over-thinking, obsessing and evaluating.

Perplexigon, Perplexigate
ex. (noun) We were trying to figure out the best way to get to Baskin Robbins for some of those scrumptious 31 flavors, and it became this crazy perplexigon.

ex. (verb) No need to perplixigate this, we all agree Gerald is a dork-face omega.

ex. (adj) That house looks perplexigon, does that guy think he's Frank Lloyd Wright?
by DK Lounge June 18, 2009
Noun, Verb


1. Websites that utilize a copious amount of the web technology Flash, almost to the point of absurdity.

2. Overcompensating for a lack of meaning and purpose by using Flash.
ex. Did you see that website? It was total flashsterbation.

ex. That company was flashsterbating all over it's self.
by DK Lounge June 19, 2009
noun, pural -er -ies

1. Excessively positive actions or situations.
2. Ironically used to describe something unenjoyable.
(ex 1.) When we punched that guy in the face there was much high fivery to be had.

(ex 2.) Working late last night led to high fivery of the ninth power. Where's my beer?
by DK Lounge June 29, 2009

Orgin: Based off the observation that hot dogs are packaged with 6 hotdogs and hot dog buns are packaged with 8 buns. Some might suggest that it causes shoppers to buy more hot dogs and in turn purchase more buns.

Definition: Something that doesn't make sense at first but upon further investigation is genius, maybe even evil-genius.
(ex. That ponzi scheme you pitched to me yesterday seemed really desirable, but maybe it's just my hot dog logic.)
by DK Lounge November 05, 2009

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