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2 definitions by DJeMan26

someone who constantly takes the side of the opposite sex, usually seeking gratification; gratitude or sexually otherwise. the bait rider will disregard all morals and logic in order to please the bait he/she wishes to "ride" even at the cost of their their self respect and reputation.
sexydumbhoe: you're so annoying!
mr.coolguy#1: fuck you bitch!
baitrider: yo don't talk to her like that you prick!
sexydumbhoe: omg you're so sweet.
mr.coolguy#2: damn, bait rider like shit.

by DJeMan26 July 19, 2011
A clan on xbox live established on 11/1/10 by L3G1T M3LAK and eman3626. It's one goal is to commit sucide via explosives at the beggining of a search and destroy match in order to end douchbaggery.
Prounouced: DEUCEEZ!!!, this is spoken before initial destruction
fuck the lobby is full of DCEZ back out
by DJeMan26 November 02, 2010