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An autonomous state of arousal governed by no particular woman or bearing of friction.

one that is sovereign in their sexuality; especially : an autonomous state of arousal free from relationships and the vice of significant other.
Darryl was free now, he was amongst his kind. His boner was free to run and splurge the fruits of the town for as soon as his relationship ended; he was in a state of Boner Sovereignty.
by DJSEAND July 14, 2009
–adjective East Baltimore and US cities

1. thoroughly nerdy; blatantly a nerd; unmistakable in geekdom appearance: a nerdacious person.
Despite the triumphs and tribulations of attending MIT, Dawson put to the test his nerdacious persona and managed to snag a femme nerdale.
by DJSEAND July 16, 2009
Upon sipping from the head of a fine beer like Guinness, the foam left on your upper lift creates a faux moustache appropriated by your fellow man as a foamstache. Commonly seen in fraternizing situations.
"Mmmm man, love this Guiness."

"Fritz you have a foamstache!"

by DJSEAND August 24, 2009
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