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1 definition by DJDWRECK

Cameron Thomaz, Rapper from Pittsburgh.
Raps mostly about weed, women, and money.
Incredible flow. (In my opinion)
Numerous free mixtapes including: Kush & Orange Juice, B.A.R, Cabin Fever, How Fly, Flight School, & Star Power

One albumb from major label Atlantic Records: Rolling Papers
Now considered by old fans a "sell out" to mainstream music, and is judged mainly by the Album

Leader of "Taylor Gang"
Wiz Khalifa has a large fanbase, which has formed cliques that tend to fight with each other for no apparent reason.

Name can be broken down in two
Wiz - Nickname, called "wiz" because he was good at everything he did.
Khalifa - Arabic for successor
Example 1:
Me: Damn, Wiz Khalifa just dropped another bomb mixtape.
Girl: What's a mixtape? I just like that song No Sleep.

Example 2: (typically on YouTube video)
New fan: Yo this Wiz Khalifa shit hot! Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow
Old fan: This shit ain't hot. Nigga straight trippin now. I've been a Wiz Khalifa fan since Prince of the City 2.

New fan: Well it's the same guy..
Old fan: No fuck you kid you don't know Wiz Khalifa.

(Old fan then proceeds to hack the new fan's IP, hunt him down, and kill him)
by DJDWRECK July 27, 2011