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1. a long haired beast from buffalo.

2. The personality of going to the gym, lifting a few times and becoming a hardass.

3. A sales rep for delta sonic.
Bino went to the gym and became such a fucking bino that he went to work at bino.
by DJ TOEJAM June 04, 2004
A person with so many names made from her original name that she herself does not know what her name is. One in a million
Barry Buttlips, Dairy Nutlips, Hairy Mufflips, Barry Mufflips, Hairy Butlips, Rari Kutters, Sari Slutledge, Mari Muttledge, Cari Cuntlips, Jari LuckLips, Lari ducklips, Gary Gutledge, Yari YUNTERS, Wari Queefledge, AIRI Fistlips, osama, Ms. Absolut, DRari Bacardilips, LAri Letslocklips, SARS,
by DJ TOEJAM June 04, 2004
1. the only nickname created and discovered by its recipient.

2. A town in the depths of pittsburgh where time stops and reasoning begins.
"Hi guys Im Steve But call me Wo-Town"

"Hi steve where you from"

by DJ TOEJAM June 04, 2004
The act of not being able to control one's chin region because of the excessive use of jimmyniffers up their skizzletooty. Also initials of the creator.
JAW really had a ridiculous JAW after nutterkites went up his shizzlecooter
by DJ TOEJAM June 04, 2004
1.the act of putting an entire prescription all of your shengralanturn and not going to sleep, only to fall asleep at the wheel at 9 a.m. and crash your car into another person's car. However your head is so hard as it breaks the windshield that nothing else happens.

2. tazmanian devil
Sarco, was crazy on sunday night and satanicused himself.
by DJ TOEJAM June 04, 2004
a fist that comes out of a stinky twat after fisting it.
She started talking shit to me so i put my stinkfist in her mouth.
by DJ TOEJAM June 04, 2004
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