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A genre of music suited for the more advanced and sophisticated personality. For people who like to engage in intellectual thought and experince thier own emotions in a way that exceeds traditional writting or music. Music that can relax a busy mind or inspire one to excel and achieve great things emotionaly and spritialy.

Girls like to dance. So if you want to meet girls, go to a trance club. Thats how I met my wife.
Song:Im not fooled - by: John 00 Fleming - Album: Creamfields. I was lsitening to this song when I was re-united with my wife after spending 1 year in Afgan and 1 year in Iraq. It was also the same song I listened to when I had to leave to go to war and cryed like a baby. Trance music can enhance your true emotions and adapt to any situation.
by DJ Smoke July 18, 2006
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