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the top in a field; an ultimate champion; refers to the competitive hot dog eating champion from Japan
Tiger Woods is the Kobayashi of golf.
Howard Stern is the Kobayashi of radio.
Mel Gibson is the Kobayashi of jew haters.
McDonalds is the Kobayashi of fast food.
Paris Hilton is the Kobayashi of annoying rich sluts
by DJ MethFace August 05, 2006
An extreme way of expressing agreement.
Or, an extreme form of affirmation.
When asked by Michael if he had a good night at the poker table, Brad responded, "yaap."
by DJ MethFace May 14, 2006
Slang term for vagina.
After buying Sally an expensive dinner, she allowed me to see her heynannernanner.
by DJ MethFace May 13, 2006
Hairy nipples; areolas with hair growing out of them
Sally took off her bra, and I was disgusted to learn that she had hairyolas.
by DJ MethFace July 29, 2006
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