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2 definitions by DJ Mac

A word used to describe an attatchment to a keyring that connects more keyrings. Can be made of rope, twine, but usually cheap chain. Some have multiple removable attatchment points and require a key to remove. Makes absolutely no reference to fob.
Bob the sanitation worker bought a key fob because he thought it looked nifty and didn't mind his keys weighing three pounds.
by DJ Mac January 07, 2004
A Grease Wallet is another name for a Jack in the Box (fast food chain) taco, usually of the 99¢ variety. They seem to come pre-made, are deep fried to greasy perfection, and contain what seems to be a greasy meat product with the consistency of a thick beef paste. They are best enjoyed after an evening of heavy drinking when greasy goodness is required prior to passing out on your friend's sofa.
"Hey Bob...what do you say we run down to Jack in the Box and get some grease wallets?"
by DJ MAC February 24, 2012