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The uncontrollable excitement that extreme weather geeks get when signs of fun weather appear on the long-range forecasts. If the forecast becomes more boring as the time frame gets nearer, a forcasm can be followed by severe depression.

NOTE: The definition of "thrilling weather" is subjective and varies from person to person.
When a possible March blizzard showed up on the 10-day forecast, Dave began having an intense forcasm. But it was short-lived, as two days later the forecast showed nothing but the usual cold March rains. However, that caused Julia to then have a forcasm because she'd already taken off her snow tires and wasn't looking forward to another round of snow and ice. The disappearing blizzard was a huge relief!
by DJ Bonneromics February 26, 2012
The addictive practice of extreme weather geeks. They peruse the long-range models looking for signs of anything exciting: snow, extreme cold, extreme heat, windstorms, flooding, etc. The trouble is that the long range tends to fluctuate around a lot, so that it's not reliable forecasting.
Dude, all this model riding is making me dizzy. Let's just focus on the next 7 days because that's more clear!
by DJ Bonneromics February 26, 2012

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