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A meat wagon is a police van, as it has contains many pigs(police).
'yo crush that blunt, here comes a meat wagon'
by dj May 23, 2004
a model used to describe something that is more complex than the thing it is describing
Pluriplexsimiles are often used by sports comentators when describing simple plays.
by DJ March 14, 2005
the white part on white wall tires. and mustard is the yellow stripe on vogue tires
man he got dat mayonaise on da lac
by dj June 27, 2005
(adj): one who is extremely tardy or behind on important deadlines yet displays a lack of concern
He was being Forbish about his extended essay draft.
by DJ April 18, 2005
I wanna give a blowjob.
Come on johnny......paleese 2 u.
by dj March 16, 2005
The act of felching an old person.
I went to the nursing home the other day only to find one of the residents giving another a TR Evans.
by DJ February 24, 2005
gay word used in Rocket Power by otto and his friends
1"Wow man you caught some mad oxygen off that very"
2-"Yea Bro"
1 & 2-"Wooogedy Woogedy Woogedy"
by DJ February 19, 2005

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