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An act which consists of blood or a blood-like substance, oozing from the vaginal orifice and collecting upon a plug of cotton or other absorbent material which was formally inserted into said cavity. And this act requiring a person, not necessarily named Erica, to commence removing the blood saturated plug (tampon) and preceding to illustrate a clown's face on the face of a sexual partner.
"That chick I was with last night was on her rag. While I was distracted, the bitch came up from behind and gave me a filthy Erica."

Paul: "Dude! I Dirty Sanchezed Amy last night!"
Frank: "Man, sweet! Da bitch Filthy Erica-ed ME last week!"
#bitch #slut #whore #cunt #vaginal #blood #clown #filthy #partner #chick #girl #rag #vagina
by DIMSFC September 06, 2007
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