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V. Guller - The act of gulling; to intentionally talk the ear off of someone, about their own personal interests or obsessions.

N. Gull - Someone who talks too much. Someone who is constantly interrupting a conversation with their usless two cents. Someone who will talk your ear off even if you try to ignore them, or have been ignoring them in the first place.

A gull is often a monotone voiced individual with annoying pitch or sometimes sounding like Eeyore, and tons of useless information to talk your ear off with. Will occasionally take a liking to your likings and ruin them for you.
Friend 1: "Any open ear or someone willing to listen can fall prey to a Gull."

Friend 2: "Yea, robert gulled the hell outta me yestarday about shit I didnt even care about..."

Friend 3: "WEEEEEEEELLLLL.....GUESS WHAT I FOUND OUT GUYS!, etc. etc. etc."

Gull- "Hey guess what I found out about the Insert boring topic..."

Victim: "We dont care we are trying to watch t.v..."

Gull- "I know you guys dont care but i'll tell you all about it anyways..."

"Gosh! we wish you would just leave us alone no one cares!"
by DGAFerZ January 16, 2010

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