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Deleting your old Myspace, making a brand new one with brand spankin' new pictures that are totally rad and adding a REALLY good song and a cool layout and only adding the people you actually know and stuff...usually takes about a month maybe more to make.
-"Did you hear about Nando's Myspace Comeback?!"
-"Hell yeah I did, I can't wait he's so hott!"
by DGAFPANDO November 19, 2006
The black one(Scary Spice)
The closet lesbian one(Sporty Spice)
The retarded slut one(Baby Spice)
The skanky cheap firecrotch whore (Ginger Spice)
The "I'm too cool for this b/c I'm married to David Beckham" one (posh Spice)

they were the SPICE GIRLS and everyone liked them when I was in 2nd grade and I went to see their lame ass movie at the theater and I think I liked it, Babe was better though.
The spice girls were kinda cool, but not anymore.
by DGAFPANDO November 20, 2006
The lamest movie ever made that has no story line really, and it's about a stupid tone def Pinguin that has tourettes syndrome and dances his life away.
I should not gone to the movies and spend 9 bucks to see Happy Feet because the movie sucked balls.
by DGAFPando November 24, 2006

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