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26 definitions by DEEZ

Nelly or P diddy.
Nelly a wanksta
by Deez July 28, 2003
GWB- Gay White Bastard, also can be substituted for, George's Wet Butthole, or Galina's Wet Box, other word can be substituted in.
The kid in my spanish class is a GWB.
by dEeZ January 05, 2005
black pussy
i love blizzy
by deez March 27, 2003
This is the real definition of bucho. A real fucking asshole, jerky, fuckface, son of a bitch, jerkass, biatch and/or prick. Usually used when talking to a friend or amongst friends.
Don't fuck around bucho. You're such a bucho for being you.
by Deez June 04, 2004
Ghetto ass Decatur, IL home of the soybeans and the drugs.
They be pushing drugs in that ghetto ass D-Town.
by Deez March 10, 2005