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Navy DIvers are a small group of Alpha males who undergo riggerous training at the art of amazingness. Ancient scriptures have linked the following definitions to the breed.

1. Too awesome for words, but the following might do
2. better then the entire USMC
3. hung like the bastard child of black men and stallions
4. born of gods and titans
5. seriously good looking....seriously!!!
6. irresistable to women (and most men)
7. charming
8. dashing
9. sex gods
10.did I mention extremely good looking!!!!!
bar nerd 1: Hey look at that guy mackin' on all these women

bar nerd 2: yeah I think he is a Navy diver (dmt)

Bar nerd 1: lets just go home and play WOW
by DEEPSEADMT July 18, 2010

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