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1. v. (eg. prostitutively semanticize) To throw around a term or concept until it loses all meaning.
2. n. Use of a term or concept so as to misrepresent oneself as embodying the concept or term. Phony auto-ennobling.

3. v. To attempt a meme-seed inception by repetition and amplification (usually through the distributive media).
4. n. Overuse or abuse of terms or concepts.

Most commonly used by politicians to forward a particular agenda or get a particular candidate elected. But also used quite heavily in religion.

Distinguishes itself from outright attention-whoring usually by its subtlety or its assumption of the self-evidence of the virtuosity of its terms or concepts.
Alex: Did you see that Tea Party rally? I have never seen such an obscene spectacle of prostitutive semanticization in my entire life.

Sarah: I know, right? I went to it as a gag and I didn't take away anything meaningful at all from it. The word 'freedom' was thrown around so much, I don't know what it means anymore! And all those references to Hitler! Why does everybody do that every time they encounter someone they don't like?
by DEDC March 04, 2012
The modern equivalent of attention-whoring, infiltrating reactionary College Republicans: In the 1980's people like Grover Norquist, Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed infiltrated college campuses passing out phony-populist, pro-corporatist and anti-leftist pamphlets and material. This was counter and reactionary to the counterculture or hippie movement a decade earlier. Today they do this kind of thing on the internet, infiltrating forums and other websites, proselytizing their backward messages. We already know what the R stands for, the etard is the web equivalent of these types.
FreedomWorks maintains an army of R-etards to constantly whine and bitch about the federal government in their relentless proection of the profits of companies who outsource jobs.
by DEDC August 09, 2011

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