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Attention Addiction or an Attention Addict is a person who does often stupid things to get attention. Attention Addiction unfortunately plagues 70% of the entire teen population.

Signs of Attention Addiction can include:

1. Classification of one self. Goth, Prep, Emo, Chav, Jock, etc.

2. Abnormal activities such as drinking, smoking, becoming religious, n00b activity in online games such as hacking and excessive use of the chatting system, doing retarded activities in public and/or high school hallways, etc.

3. Crowd absorption.

4. The use of prescription drugs.
Guy 1: Some idiot on the street told me I was an asshole, then he started throwing beer bottles at girls on the street.

Guy 2: He must suffer from Attention Addiction.

Guy 1: Yeah, the next time I see him, I'm gonna cut off his balls to keep him from spreading his disease.
by DEATHTOCAPITALISM February 02, 2007
Shit that people use to run away from pain and agony. People that use alcohol for this purpose are called "pussies". These people threaten to reduce the very home we live in into the biggest shithole man has ever created.

see religion pot tobacco heroin
Some drunk: Fuck I am soooo wasted. I'm gonna go fuck the place up.

Man: HAHAHAHA you cant take the pain can you?! Go commit suicide or something you worthless fag.

by DEATHTOCAPITALISM January 21, 2007

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