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Toronto (or Turanna, as its inhabitants call it) is a decent city with mainly decent friendly people, that has some residents who think it is better than it is, even believing it to be an amazing cosmopolitan experience and a world class city; these Torontonians obviously haven't traveled much.

Many Canadians from outside southern Ontario hate the city because its "too American" or because we have too much pollution and crime, although for a city our size the crime actually isn't too bad, although I will agree there is too much air pollution during the summer. And while some Torontonians have a bloated ego about their city, overall we are still decent folk, despite what some other Canadians like to tell themselves about us.

Our sports teams suck, but Toronto is the largest concentration of hockey lovers in the world, even though the home team is shit.

The main problem with the city is the endless sprawl, and some parts are actually kind of ugly, and the city could use some beautification. If these problems, along with transportation and pollution, are cleaned up in the next 20 years, as well as reduced housing costs, Toronto could be a really cool city. Theres lots to do and see in Toronto, the people are friendly, and its my beloved home.
Canadian A: "Hey have you been Toronto?"

Canadian B: "I bet it sucks."

Canadian A: "Nah...it was alright."
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by DDave August 15, 2007
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