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It a branch off the word "Common Sense" with a similar meaning pertaining one of Brian Zhang's Sense. Now "Common Sense" is defined: " The term should speak for itself. A Sense which SHOULD be common to everyone. Usually refers to any sort of logic that should be obvious to anyone." "Brian Sense" is a sense in which only can only come from Brian. It is knowledge like there is no hunting P90, when a car is on and stopped its RPM are at ZERO, and that motorcycles are less dangerous then cars.
"Aw man my Brian Sense in telling me that motorcycles are less dangerous then car, and that automatic cars have no E-brake."
by DDR May 14, 2008
You have you Girlfriend lay on her back
tell her to open her legs up but keep them bent then put your head near here
pussy and lick it like a frog trying to get a bug to eat
Have fun tonight ha ha ha ha ha ha
by ddr May 03, 2005
you lay down on the grown and have you r girl go in the frog stance on you dick there she will go up and down on you dick while you fuck her
she did this for three days and i croked
by ddr August 05, 2005

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