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2 definitions by DC Breddren

A slang term used to describe beautiful Berkeley, California, and the total kooks living there. Hippies, yuppies, gays, lesbians, and yanni-loving new age freaks have been converging on this Bay area city since the 60's.

It seems that the social, cultural, and political happenings at UC Berkeley during that time served as the impetus for the mass migration.

Known as a politically & socially liberal mecca, Berzerkeley will always be a favorite destination for freaks from all over the world.

Berzerk + Berkeley = Berzerkeley
by DC Breddren August 07, 2007
slang for "brethren". your breddren are your boys, your brovas, your bruvvas, or anyone you happen to be addressing. can be used to address one person, or a large group or people. The possessive "me" often precludes "breddren".
Yo breddren, I saw you skull-fucking a real kroney on the couch when I came home last night.

-Fuck brova, don't tell any of me uvva breddren!
by DC breddren June 09, 2005