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A dumb-ass, usually male and happens to suffer from S.D.S (Small Dick Syndrome) in which they must overcompensate with bad jokes that wreak of the desperate attempts of a guy with a major inferiority complex... WHEW!
Also: Dumb-ass, Fucktard, Nimrod and Wankmeisters.
Inappropriately named children's show character:
If I always make bad mom jokes beat on the sickly kid and am basically an insecure douche what does that mean kids?
A Skull-Fuck!


SF (skull fuck): You are gay
ASF (ANTI skull fuck): To put it bluntly you godamn inbred half-witted, club footed, blink 182 loving, music ruining, fucktard!... Fuck off...
by DBbonesMEMBRANE April 10, 2010

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