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When one substitutes a real shower for washering their hair and or face in the sink and applying deodorant & cologne to cover up any preexisting odors.
I woke up late this morning and had to take a Ghetto Shower.
#fake shower #mexican shower #italian shower #greek shower #dirt leg
by DB in MO July 24, 2008
When a person of no money or wealth receives a sum of money and spends it on crap they don't need. For example; payday, pawning something of value, or Workman's comp settlement.
Marcus: Hey, I just won $50 on a lottery ticket. Can you give me a ride to liquor store to buy some Miller Lite and some pornos.

Jon: Dude, you are Ghetto Rich. You can at least spring for some Bud Lite.
#wind fall #pay day #tax refund #car wreck settlement #found money
by DB in MO August 23, 2008
When you cheap out at McDonald's and order a water with your double cheese burger and the cashier hands you a soda cup instead of the standard 6oz water cup.
Ken: Sweet I got the go ahead cup, now I can wash down the grease from the cheese burger with some coke.

Jeff: yo Ken, you are Ghetto Rich.
#water cup #soda #mcdonald's #ghetto rich #cheap scape
by DB in MO August 24, 2008
The number of wipes to rid ones ass after a nasty shit. Usually follows the day after consuming large amounts of beer (also know as beer shits).
1. I ate some Taco Bell last night and it gave me a 10 wiper.

2. What took you so long in the bathroom?

I just had a 10 wiper
#beer shits #security wipe #slops #skid mark #taco bell
by DB in MO August 29, 2008
A person who's sole intelligence comes from their daily reading of the news headlines on MSN.com or similar web-sites.

Most often they are annoying co-workers that need fresh material to bore you to death on a daily basis.
I am about to blow my brains out. Cari won't stop talking about the damn election and yesterday it was all about the bus crash.

Yeah, she is such an annoying Internet News Scholar.
#co-worker #news #internet #msn.com #cnn.com
by DB in MO September 06, 2008
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