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People of Asian descent who take on characteristics of "Snooky" from Jersey Shore. Are highly discriminatory towards any culture except for the Asian culture.
"Asian Snooky Syndrome (A.S.S.)" Dressing inappropriately, carrying ridiculously expensive handbags, driving luxury cars, behaving like a low class individual and all around doing nothing to deserve it. Most synonymous with spoiled F.O.B.'s
by DAW April 29, 2012
smelly feet
The basketball player has hot toes
by DaW May 15, 2003
shut up, usually only used by fags that are too puffy to say shut up.
Cats should up it cause he is a dumb fuck.
by daw March 14, 2004
nutty, long nipple hair
I think I'm gonna sit around today and pull out my blarn
by Daw September 21, 2003

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