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The beverage of choice throughout the private jet industry. commonly used to to generate enough adrenaline to cope with a typical demands in the private jet industry. also used as first aid treatment on victims of cardiac arrest at Fingers Crossed Aviation. NOTE: Beverage is trade marked and produced in large volumes exclusively for Fingers Crossed Aviation. Beverage can also be used as a substitute for jet fuel.
Dude, the client for 87 is coming over to check up on his pull out tables. The coach is brewing up a couple of gallons of Red Eyed Double Dipped, African, Blackeyed Rocky Raccoon.
by DARRYL CRUTE December 10, 2006
To bend some poor unsuspecting douchebag over and lube up his or her ass then proceed to lube up your feet all the way the way up to your knees. Slowly insert one foot at a time in said douchebags cornhole. When both feet are snugly inserted start mashing and stomping away at the chocolate grapes.
Dude, just because the coach likes to get a good chocolate grape stomping, it doesn't mean I should be the one to do it.
by DARRYL CRUTE December 09, 2006
The act of running full throttle towards someone then at legs distance from said person jump into mid air with one leg extended and dropping your heel into thier throat.
Hey man, did you see the coach give that dude a flying heel drop to the throat?
by DARRYL CRUTE December 09, 2006
To force your cock down the throat of a geeky homo with an unusually large adams apple.
wow, see that there homo with an adams apple the size of a baseball? I love to give him an adams apple shuffle.
by DARRYL CRUTE December 10, 2006

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