5 definitions by DARRION/D-MONEY

to copy of someones style or swag
Brian: I am going to wear a blue du-rag tomorrow.
Billy: me to
Brian: nah the next day
Billy: me to
Brian: you damn coplocker
by DARRION/D-MONEY December 18, 2007
fresh up, clean up, eva fresh, eva clean
D comes to school with hot new clothes.
E says yo D you lookin scratchup scratchup
Ashley yea you lookin dashin today
by DARRION/D-MONEY January 21, 2008
you say something stupid and someone proves you wrong
D:Oh you hacked check the ball
B:No false call our ball
D: no that is a real call
B: lets ask the teacher then
D: ok
D: Mr.C is hack a call
Mr.C: no it is not
D: ohhhh Bong Bong Bullet lol
by DARRION/D-MONEY January 15, 2008
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