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The best fucking type of porn. Its especially made for those "special" people like necrophiliacs and other sorts of psychos. It may involve rotting fleash, decaying skulls, magets, worms, and plenty plenty of blood. One famouse Zombie Porn Director is Nathan J Rodriguez
Old necrophiliac pervert: "Who wants to see some Hardcore Zombie Porn?"

PreTeen pussy/girl: "I do, I do".
#porn #hardcore porn #zpc #pussy #dick #necrophilliac #death pussy breath
by DAHMER_PUNX March 31, 2007
"The punkporn star queen of the universe". Beautiful, and gorgeous are the least and few words you could describe her. She has the classic Bettie Page bangs and look. But she has a more slender and slimmer figure that Miss, Page. Her first girl on girl scene was with the beautyfull and legendary Jenna Jameson. "She is pornstar by nature and a punk is her way of life"-Rob Rotten. She is the exgirlfriend of PunkPorn-Director-God, Rob Rotten. He was the the one who introduced her to the Adult Film Life. Although she has currently retired from the aldult movie industry. =
You can see her in classic films such as "Little Runaway" and "Anal Swine".
Horny guy1: "dude, have you seen Rachel Rotten in, Little Runaway?"

Horny guy2: "yeah, fuck!!! I almost blew my load right inside my pants!"
#bettie page #pornstar #rob rotten #punkporn #jenna jameson
by DAHMER_PUNX March 31, 2007
The Sweetest juice I've ever tasted. Sweet sweet fluid that cums out of mens cocks when they climax. It tastes so sweet or at times tasteless.
I was sucking on Ernies sweet cock last night and he cumed all over my mouth and tits. It tasted SO sweet.
#cum #cock #dick #cunt #blowjob #sperm #jism #babyjuce
by DAHMER_PUNX March 24, 2007
A type of porn that consists of punx fucking. Ususally the girls in the films have mohawks, piercings, tattoos, colorful hair, and are fucking HOT! It is hardcore porn beacuse punx like to fuck hardcore. It is moslty underground porn because it involves some of the punks way of life. A fucking awesome director of pUnK porn is Rob Rotten. With his Punx Productions industry.
Punk1: "hey have you seen the new "Scurvy girls" punkporn movie?"

Punk2: "yeah!, the fucking cunts are sweet, I almost blew my load right on the tv screen"
#streetpunx #rob rotten #rachel rotten #punk #d.i.y.
by DAHMER_PUNX March 31, 2007
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