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1.Term use to discribe a football QB who nobody tought would have a good career that manages to become one of the best QB´s in the NFL. Caracterized by finding the weakness in every defence and being able to win a game in the last 2 minutes of play. Also is used to refer a great leader and person.

Tom Brady QBs are normaly hated by fans from other teams for beating consitently there teams who find an excuse in the smallest(bearly occuring)mistakes rarely comitted by this QBs. This QB's tend to respond to critcisims by delivering blowouts to other teams, wining championship games, and making perfect seasons

2.The New England Patriots QB in few words one of the best in the NFL HISTORY
JOE:hey man did you saw the game last night?!!!
Mark:Yea dude can you belive our Tom Brady QB manage to beat the other team 59-0!!!!!
by DAGAPATS February 06, 2010

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