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play on the word "lavatory", because this is the room you mix and match bodily fluids in the great white beaker known as a toilet
I shouldn't have eaten all that Mexican food, I need to conduct an experiment in the labratory... be right back.
by D.Vin July 09, 2005
A "mashup" between "Convinced" and "Talked".
Friend_1: "Dude, let's go to UMF in Miami this year! There's gonna be 14 stages and 100's of DJs, and 60,0000 people!! It will be great. I'll even buy you some Sam Adams"

Friend_2: "Okay! You con-talked me into it!"
by D.Vin March 18, 2007
The whitest white a caucasian can be. This can refer to actual skin color, manerisms or personality.

It orginates from the RGB Hexadecimal value #FFFFFF, common to most any web-page and certainly known by any web developer or graphic artist.

Most humorous when used in an email, IM, or other textual representation for full effect.
TXT A: Check out that guy with the tube-socks and sandals, and his skin so pale you can see blue veins. The sun reflecting off him actually hurts my eyes.
TXT B: OMG, that guy is so white he's FFFFFF.


"That wigger is so FFFFFF he wishes he was 000000"
by D.Vin August 28, 2006

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