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A misspelling of the German, "doppelganger", roughly translates as "evil twin". Can be used literally, as in example below.
"A man was falsely convicted of rape when his doppelganger went on a sexual crime spree. The mistaken identity led to his conviction."
by D.L. "Fox" Doucette September 21, 2003
Human or animal flesh prepared for eating. Not to be confused with "man meat", meaning penis.
Meat is murder, and murder is yummy.
by D.L. "Fox" Doucette September 20, 2003
1) Striking two keys with one finger, leading to a typo. Usually referred to as a "case of meat paws".

2) Excessively fat or stubby fingers, leading to frequent occurrences of multiple-key typos as defined above.
Person one: I just came back from qwork.
Person two: Looks like you've got a case of meat paws.
by D.L. "Fox" Doucette September 15, 2003
The urge to do something so stupid that nobody outside America would even dream it up.
It took Yankee ingenuity for someone to put pure capsaicin into hot sauce.
by D.L. "Fox" Doucette September 19, 2003
An interjection, used by the winner after decisively defeating the loser. An example of "leet-speak" in action.

See also "pwned", "0wnz0red"
"liek omg lol u got own3d"
by D.L. "Fox" Doucette January 23, 2004

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